Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures

Classroom procedures do not carry penalties or rewards. Procedures are not rules, they are a DO.

Note *(I reserve the right to adjust or add procedures to accomadate for the best learning experience for my students).

Attendance is taken while students work on bellwork. In the event a student is tardy they are to follow the school sites policies and procedures.

Pre-sharpened pencils will be provided and can be found in the pencil container. If a new pencil is needed, quietly, exchange the pencil for a new one and return to your seat. All pencils are to be returned to the pencil can at the end of the day and are not to be taken home.

Drinking bottles (water only) may be brought to class and kept at your desk. The bottles must have a pull top to prevent spills. Water bottles must be taken home daily and brought back the following day with fresh water from home. In the event that you have forgotten your water bottle, it is up to the student to get drinks of water during recess and lunch breaks.

Restroom breaks should be taken during recess and lunch breaks. Allowances will be made for predisposed medical conditions and in the event of a genuine need.

Lining up will take place without speaking and by assignment to prevent injury to the student and other fellow students.

If a student needs the teacher‘s attention, they are to remain in their seat and place the three sided pyramid “teacher attention” tool towards the teacher’s view.

If the teacher needs the students attention during a quiet work period, the teacher will place a “see me” card on the student’s desk. The student will then quietly come to the teacher’s desk to converse in order to prevent disruption to other students.

All homework or other returned papers, such as parent permission slips, will be quietly collected by a student with the weekly assigned job and placed into the homework return box each morning during journal writing time.

If a student is tardy, they are responsible for quietly turning in their homework assignments to the homework box upon entering the classroom.

If an assignment is turned in late, the student is to turn the assignment into the “late assignments” box.

Completed in class work assignments are to be quietly turned into the “daily finished” work box as completed.

Student will be responsible for staying organized and keeping track of their homework and class assignments. A “weekly” planning guide will be provided by the teacher. Students are responsible for completing the “weekly” planning guide daily with planned assignments and due dates.

Students will be assigned independent and cooperative class jobs. Job assignments can be located on the students “weekly” planning schedule. Examples of class jobs, collecting homework assignments, checking that pencils are sharpened in the pencil container, grading papers, time keeper for changing tasks, keeping the library organized, etc…

Making up missed assignments is the students responsibility. Missed assignments are to be returned in a timely manner (as stated in the student contract and signed by the student and their legal guardian) to prevent loss of points towards the grade of the subject area. Situational circumstances such as illness, will not demote point loss.

Assignments that are incomplete or re-do’s will be returned to the student’s personal take home box. Assignment are to be returned the following school day. Depending on the individual students work habits, a student may find time to complete incomplete or re-do’s assignments while in class and turn into the homework box when completed.

All assingments should be addressed with the proper header. Students first and last name, date, and assignment such as the page and subject in the upper right hand corner of the page.