Behavior Mangement

Classroom Rules

1. Mutual Respect

2. Attentive Listening

3. Stay On Task

4. Appreciations/No Put Downs

5. Learners as a collective group will implement a fifth rule during a beginning of the year brainstorming session.


If You Choose To Break A Rule

Please note, that all though this a set standard list of behavior consequences in the classroom, each behavioral situation is different. My goal is provide opportunity for each learner to learn from their mistakes. The following list supports many opportunities for learners to take responsibility for their own learning.

I reserve the right to implement action at any level on the list as I feel is warrented to maintain a positive learning environment for all learners in the classroom. 

1. Teacher will attempt to re-focus learners attention such as a tap on the desk or "you know what you should be doing" look.

2. Verbal Warning

3. Problem solving sheet/Conference with Teacher

4. Call home to parent/Note home to parent

5. Teacher/Parent/Learner Conference

6. Community Service (school grounds) on learners time.

7. Referral for detention/suspension


Problem Solving Sheet 


Your name___________________ Date_______________

What is the problem?



What choice did you make?



Did your choice hurt you or someone you know?




Write two positive choices you could have made instead.





What did you learn from this experience?




Daily: Reward Bucks

Weekly: 30 Minutes board game fun

Monthly: Award Recognition

Bi-Monthly: Shopping at Reward Store