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Welcome to 8th grade English Language Arts at Silverado Middle School! My name is Emily Corsino, and I will be your teacher this year. We will be working together this year, and I will be there to guide you through the variety of texts and writings we will tackle this year. 

     "A writer is a world trapped in a person."

- Victor Hugo


Our class follows the California state standards. We will study both informational and fictional text. We will study four different techniques for written communication, as well as how to present our ideas verbally through presentations and speeches. We will tackle listening skills, as well as everyone's favorite- grammar. Also this year, we are so lucky to be piloting two different textbooks. This decision is vital to your education, and we want to get it right. The text we choose will be bought by the district, and every ELA class will be using them beginning next year. 

Therefore, the first six weeks, we will be using the Study Sync textbook. This text comes in both digital and print, and we will be exploring the advantages of both. We will be reading stories from a variety of acclaimed authors, as well as writing our own suspenseful narrative. 


For 8th grade ELA this year, the very best thing you can bring to class is your brain, and your effort. Beyond those, all ELA requires is a section of your binder where you can keep any resources you may receive and any work you receive back. You will also need something to write with, as well as a highlighter of your own if you choose to have one. 

Our school is a BYOD school- bring your own device. We will be working both with print and digital text, so having access to a computer or device is important. Silverado Middle School has devices available to check out if you need one; please see me for further details at school. 

Project Based Learning

Our school is a P.B.L. school, meaning Project Based Learning. Since your education is, in fact, yours we will be learning through inquiry, questioning, and guiding your research. We will work using a driving question to guide our studies, and we will use our research to present our findings through presentations and speeches. We will use creativity to express our triumphs, and collaboration with each other to work through problems and bumps along the road. 

Are you ready!? 

I can't wait to get started working along side you this year! 
Emily Corsino heart