Sample Activities

There will be many different types of activities done in French 2200 that will expand your childs' understanding of the subject while remaining fun and interesting. Here are two sample activities that also list the outcomes that will be covered for that particular activity. 

Sample Activity #1 – Alibis

This activity is based on having the students question each other and interact with each other in French. Two students volunteer to come up with an alibi for a “crime” that has been committed in the school. Then they are interrogated by the class one-by-one and their stories have to match up. After they are questioned the class decides whether they are innocent or guilty. All components will be held in French. This will assist students with speaking rules or vocabulary that have just been implemented. 

The outcomes that are achieved by this activity are as follows:

1.5 Interact effectively in French in everyday situations- using a range of vocabulary- using past, present and future tenses 

1.7 Describe personal experiences in logical progression

3.3 Distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information to understandcommunication

5.4 Use collaborative techniques to organize information and ideas needed tocomplete a task

Sample Activity #2- Song

This is a children's song in French that comes with actions. This will help your child with prononciation as well as create friendly competition with the actions by removing them at different times.

              Dans une maison un grand cerf

           Regardait par la fenêtre

              Un lapin venir a lui

            Et frapper a lui

           « Cerf, cerf, ouvre-moi, ou le chasseur me tuera »

« Lapin, lapin, entrez bien, et mes serrer les mains »

The outcomes that are covered in this activity are as follows:

1.1 Participate, with support, in classroom routines conducted in French

3.1 View, listen to and read creative works with support and respond to them through various means

4.1 Demonstrate an awareness of different behavioural norms that exist in francophone cultures