Sample Outcomes

Throughout the duration of this course there are certain outcomes that you can expect your child to cover in class. There are five General Curriculum Outcomes (GCOs), and under those are various Specific Curriculum Outcomes (SCOs). Here are examples of each type:

GCO 1. Communicating: 1.1 Participate, with support, in classroom routines conducted in French.

GCO 2. Acquiring Information: 2.1 Apply information from oral texts to complete a task.

GCO 3. Experiencing Creative Works: 3.1 View, listen to and read creative works with support and respond to them through various means. 

GCO 4. Understanding Cultural Influences: 4.1 Demonstrate an awareness of different behavioural norms that exist in francophone cultures. 

GCO 5. Using Language Learning Strategies: 5.1 Identify parallel conventions in French and English.

To view all of the course outcomes in their entirety, here is the link to the Newfoundland and Labrador Core French Curriculum Guides: