How do you ensure equitable digital access in your classroom?


Equitable Digital Access is including every student in a public school setting equal access and opportunity for technology needs. As teachers, students, and parents working through a pandemic, we have learned and grown more on this topic than ever before. 

        How can we make equitable digital access happen in our school systems?

When reading "How School Leaders Support Equitable Student Access to Digital Tools", it discusses several ways students can be provided with technology. Governmental resources are available, as well as having a good teacher/student relationship when working.

Another article, "4 Ways to Improve Digital Access in Your Classroom", discussed simple, more easily available ideas for teachers such as creating technology "visions" with students and reconsidering homework polices.

While reading, it is important to ensure all students know how to access technology. Teachers should be flexible and open-minded when working with students to promote positive benefits when implementing technology in the classroom and at home.



I found the videos listed below to be very helpful when researching different ways to ensure all students have equitable digital access. Several of the sites have multiple videos and allow ideas for scheduling and the benefits that can have in the classroom setting and working from home. 

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