Internet and Email Safety

Using Technology Safely

The Internet is proving to be an un-measurable resource for educating today’s students.  While providing so many new educational opportunities, unfortunately this resource has become an area that our students are not always prepared for. 

            It is our goal to join with you, parents and guardians, to help educate and monitor this generation of technology users to help keep them safe.  This information should serve as a starting point to help protect our children.

It is important that you read and discuss this information with your student.  You and your student will be required to sign, date and return our Acceptable Technology Use Policy.


Classroom Technology Rules:


No Food or Drinks     Work Quietly    Surf Safely


Keep Your Station Neat    Do NOT Change Any Settings





Internet Safety Videos are provided below to help you and your child understand and realize the dangers that can occur when using the Internet, email and other technology tools.


Click here to view:  Everyone Knows My Name


Click here to view:  Online Child Safety- The Truth Behind the Screen


Click here to view:  Child Focus ‘E-Safety’


*Using email or downloading files can lead to viruses or hidden spyware.  These can put your family’s privacy in danger.  This can occur when using computers, tablets, smartphones or gaming devices that connect to the Internet.


*Information the Internet may provide can be used for identity theft.


Resources to help keep your family safe:


5 advice tips for students to stay safe when using the Internet and email:

  1. Choose strong passwords.
  2. Limit information shared on social media.
  3. Do not give out personal details to strangers.
  4. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  5. Always ask a trusted adult before downloading information, games, etc.