Jewish Community High School of Gratz College

Course Syllabus:  Education 805  

Teaching is many things:  an art and a skill:  an opportunity and a responsibility; a challenge and a reward.  Successful teaching requires patience, purpose and preparation.  Successful teaching, in the short term and over the course of a career, requires the development of the skills and sensitivity necessary for reflective practice and continuing personal growth.  This course will provide an introduction to that world, and to some strategies that will help you to help your students – and you – to learn.

Objectives:  At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

List the various developmental stages in the maturation of children

  1. Create classroom activities suitable for these developmental stages
  2. Design lesson plans containing the major components of a good lesson: key concepts; instructional objectives; teaching activities; and resources.
  3. Manage a classroom which provides a safe, comfortable, fair environment where respectful, warm relationships can be established
  4. Evaluate the progress (or lack thereof) in the classes they teach through testing.
  5. Recognize the individual special needs of their pupils.
  6. Describe (by way of a written report form) a lesson prepared by a n experienced teacher whom they have observed in the classroom
  7. Prepare and teach:
    1. Two micro-lessons to peers: and
    2. Two specific lessons (under the direction of a supervising teacher) to a class of primary/elementary grade students
  8. Build a working teaching portfolio