US. History Mr. Ferrandiz IB MYP


This course is a yearlong course of US History. Throughout the course students will become familiar with the basic chronology and themes of American History. We will analyze and evaluate a variety of sources (primary and secondary) from different perspectives to gain a deeper understanding of our country’s past and how that affects us today. We will use the MYP Learner Profile traits, Key and Related Concepts and Global Contexts to frame our inquiry.

Topics Covered

Chapter 1 Exploring Social Studies

Chapter 2 Exploring The Americas

Chapter 3 Colonial America

Chapter 4 Life in The American Colonies

Chapter 5 The Spirit of Independence

Chapter 6 The American Revolution

Chapter 7 A More Perfect Union

Chapter 8 The Constitution

Chapter 9 The Federalist Era

Chapter 10 The Jefferson Era

Chapter 11 Growth and Expansion

Chapter 12 The Jackson Era

Chapter 13 Manifest Destiny

Chapter 14 North and South

Chapter 15 The Spirit of Reform

Chapter 16 Toward Civil War

Chapter 17 The Civil War

Chapter 18 Financial Literacy


Students must come to class with a pen or pencil, notebook and folder.  


 It is entirely your responsibility to demonstrate that you have learned the required content.

Grades will be determined by students demonstrating that they have achieved the Florida State Standards for US History. The majority of the grade will be determined by  summative assessments, and will also include presentations, discussions, participation, projects and quizzes.

Grade Categories 

Assessments = 60%

Daily Work = 30%

Growth and Reflection =10%


MYP Assessment Categories

Criterion A

Knowing and Understanding

Maximum 8 points

Criterion B


Maximum 8 points

Criterion C


Maximum 8 points

Criterion D

Thinking Critically

Maximum 8 points


Daily Assignments:

Daily assignments will consist of a variety of activities centered on reading, writing, note taking, discussion and reflection. Student participation in all class activities as well as completion of occasional homework assignments is mandatory. All classroom activities are designed to assist the student in understanding the course material and satisfactory completion of the assessments. Feedback will be given and assignments will be checked for completion and effort.

Class Expectations:

All MDCPS and Ada Merritt rules of conduct will be enforced.  In additon students are expected to follow the classroom rules and procedures.

Students will be given several opportunities to correct their behavior.  If misbehavior continues then parent wll be notified.