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Mr. Nischik & Mrs. Maidment7th Grade English Language Arts (ENGLISH 200)2009-2010 Parents and Students:Welcome to a new school year of 7th Grade English Language Arts at Cesar Chavez Academy Middle School. I expect great things from myself, the students, and the parents this year. There is a proverb that states, “It takes a whole village to educate one child.” I believe this is true because a student achieves great academic success when the teacher, parents, and student work together. Educational Curriculum:The daily, 90 minute class of 7th Grade English Language Arts is aligned with the State of Michigan’s curriculum benchmarks and standards. General Expectations: *Materials: Students must bring the following materials to class with them everyday:-Planner            -Notebook         -ELA Folder       -Pencil              -Homework*All Students must have a Three-Prong (Duo-Tang Style) Folder and a Notebook. The Folder and Notebook will stay in the classroom. Attendance: Attendance is not a choice. Attendance is mandatory. If a student has been absent, he/she must report to class with an excused absence notice from the main office. According to school policy, the student’s academic grade may be lowered for excessive absences. Tardiness may also negatively affect the student’s academic grade: Three Tardies Equal One Absence. Planner: The planner is the daily communication tool among teacher, student, and parents. It is the teacher’s responsibility to confirm that information is accurately recorded by checking and signing the planner every day. It is the student’s responsibility to write the agenda for the class period, to write down whether homework is assigned, and to make note of an upcoming test. It is the parents’ responsibility to read the planner with the student. Parents, please check your child’s planner every day. Homework: Assignments to be completed at home will be assigned at least once-a-week. Longer writing assignments and projects should be worked on at home. Missing or late in-class assignments may be accepted for half-credit.  If no worksheet is given, the student is expected to turn in a 1 page free write.  There is homework every Tuesday. Textbooks: The students’ textbooks and novels shall remain in the classroom. For students who need to make-up missing assignments due to an extended absence, textbooks may be signed out with the teacher’s permission.    Classroom Policies: For a productive learning environment that is comfortable and safe, the following classroom rules must be followed: 1. Respect: Students must be respectful to themselves and each other. Students must raise a hand for permission to ask a question, answer a question, or to comment during a discussion. A student must respect another student’s physical space by keeping hands and feet to him/herself. Students must use appropriate classroom language free of profanity and insults. Students must not throw anything in the classroom. 2. Preparation: Students must be on time for class – this means standing in line outside the classroom, in uniform with appropriate materials when the late bell rings. Students may not leave the classroom during the first or last fifteen minutes of class. 3. School Policies: The school wide policy of the FIVE Bs will be reinforced in the classroom: 1) Be Prepared 2) Be On Time 3) Be In Uniform 4) Be Respectful 5) Be Aware Of Others And Your Personal Space. Students must follow all school policies during class. Students must adhere to the uniform dress code at all times. Students must not have candy, gum, food or drinks in the classroom. Also in the classroom, the students must not make direct or indirect verbal, written, or other reference to gangs, drugs, or any other illegal activity. Grading System: Students will be evaluated on assignments, journal entries, tests, quizzes, class participation and the writing of essays. The Scale will be: 100-93 A, 92-85 B, 84-77 C, 76-65 D, 0-64 F Office Hours: We are available to talk 7:15-7:35 am (M-F) and 3:00 – 3:30 pm (M-F). If you are unable to call during these times please leave a message with the office. Once again, we are looking forward to a great year! 

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Mr. Nischik & Mrs. Maidment