Teaching Philosophy

  • I believe that a classroom is a community, and everyone contributes by being a student, a teacher, and a thinker. When we work together as a classroom community, we build strong life skills as we build our academic skills.


  •  I believe there are multiple ways to learn information, and not everyone learns the same way. When teaching I know it is my responsibility to provide educational activities where all the students in the classroom can thrive. I believe a lesson can incorporate auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic content to connect learners together as we progress through the year.


  • I believe in enthusiasm as a teacher. I am a role model to my students, and with that I will share and model enthusiasm with a love of learning. I feel when students are provided with a positive learning atmosphere, positivity will show through their work no matter how challenging it is. Practice makes progress, and trial an error is a path to success.