Extended School Day Program at Genesee Elementary

Extended School Day programs at Casey, Genesee, and Auburn Junior High School

The Partnership for Results works in partnership with the Auburn Enlarged City School District to offer Extended School Day programming at Casey Park and Genesee Elementary, and Auburn Junior High. The Extended School Day is a component of 21st Century Community Learning Centers funded under No Child Left Behind.  Funding covers programming for students in 3rd-8th grade.  The program is primarily for students in need of academic assistance. Each school offers academic assistance after school where certified school day teachers and para-professionals work with students to help them achieve New York State's learning standards. Students may stay beyond the academic hour to participate in a variety of complementary learning activities focusing on physical fitness, nutrition, creative arts, technology, community service and global awareness. Positive social skill development is a mainstay of all programming. Family involvement toward supporting student's success is reinforced through a number and variety of programs, policies, practices and procedures as the greater the family support and involvement, the greater the student's demonstrated success. The program is free to families enrolled in participating schools and bussing home, if needed and appropriate, is available. Enrolled students are expected to attend, according to their individual schedule, whenever they are present during the school day. Notes from parents/guardians are needed if students will be present during the school day but absent from the Extended School Day program.

For more information, contact Sue Muldoon, Partnership For Results, 21st Century Extended School Day Director at 730-5971 or smuldoon@partnershipforresults.org or smuld@localnet.com

For information specific to Genesee Elementary, contact Shane Annal, Partnership For Results, 21st Century Site Director at 720-7042 or 255-8642.