Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs

Students are able to choose from a variety of enrichment programs. The primary focus of these programs is to build social skills and to expose our students to the many outlets school has to offer. Studies show that students tend to excel more when they are involved in school enrichment activities as active participants. Programs include:

ATHLETICS - Participate in seasonal sports just as they are offered in highschool!

THEATER - Take part in plays and become different characters as actors/actresses!

VOJ - Sing your heart out for our community!

ART - Create arts and crafts to be put on display and delivered to the senior citizens of our community!

DANCE - Learn and perform a variety of different dances!

IMAGINATION LIBRARY - Become educators as you bring literacy to life for the toddlers in our community!

FITNESS - Learn healthy habits as you stay fit!

MUSICALS - Not sure if you want to act or sing? Do both!

MOVIE MAKING - Serve as the news team as you keep your peers up to date with news letters and news videos!

RESTAURANT - Learn valuable work skills as you prepare and serve meals!

HEROES - Serve as leaders as you learn social skills and develop character education plans for the school!