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I am so thrilled for this school year! I hope that you are eager too. 3rd grade is filled with many wonderful and new learning strategies, online research projects and growing independence during the teaching process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

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T-chart template: no link, fold paper like "hot dog, picture frame, credit card". We learned this in class!

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Classroom  Blog: Hello Class! Check this section often as it will reinforce what we are currently covering in class. This month (December) we will be studying Ocean Animals. As a whole class, we will choose between 3 animals and then create a bubble map and a T-chart full of information. We will be individually researching the information needed for our bubble map then turning the information into a T-chart and learning how to include pictures into our online research document. The online document will include 6 slides of information and at least one picture per slide. Each student will have an opportunity to present their Ocean Animal slides to the classroom during the week before Winter Break.

Dec. 9th: Each student will choose between octopus, shark or seahorse to research.

Dec 10th: Start to research online, using a bubble map to fill in information. Information needed: 2 very interesting facts, what food does the animal eat, what eats the animal, how long is life span and how many babies does it have at one time.

Dec 11th: Finish up bubble map. Start transferring information to T-chart. 

Dec 12th: Finish up T-chart and start working on slide presentation and finding pictures.

Dec 13th: Finish up all work: Bubble map, T-chart, slide presentation and pictures.

Dec 16th-20th: Students will individually present their slide show presentation. Please use the link above in student resources to pick a day to sign up!

Informational Blog:

"Technology to support communication"

The communication plan for this school year will include the use of technology. Society uses technology daily and it is usually the fastest way to communicate with a person or group of people. In order to reach groups of people, usually parents at one time, I plan to use the Remind 101 app throughout the school year. Parents can communicate back to me through this app or reach me using my provided email address. A class website will also be available for communication with the students and parents. A third alternative to having an open line of communication with the parents or students would be my district provided email address. Throughout the school year,  when the students sign into certain  webpages, they will need to input my email and it is also a great way for parents to communicate with me.

 In the classroom setting, technology will be used for research purposes and classroom lessons. We will also play a few class wide, fun games online and you, as the student will be given  independence to work on pre-set lessons.

Technology can easily become a distraction instead of a learning enhancer, so safety and security measures need to put into place (Adewunmi, Rosenburg, Sun-Basorun & Koo, 2003). In order to help the students understand the safety and security measures that are needed for internet use, I plan to include them in the discussion. The students will discuss how to be safe when using the internet and what they should not be doing on the internet. Once the students feel a sense of responsibility for their own internet use, they are more likely to use it properly.

In order to have communication and collaboration with students and parents, I will create a class website. I will post the classwork/homework assignments often and any other important  projects that our class will be working on. In order for students to become emotionally invested in our classroom, they will get to the point where they are developing their own questions for research, which helps with memory and learning (Owen, 2013).

The evidence proves that children spend longer amounts of time and are more focused on computer activities compared to non-computer activities (Beatty, 2013). Since the evidence shows this, more technology should be used in classroom settings. Students should get an email assigned to them and use that same email throughout their academic journey so that they can email their teachers when needing help on an assignment or to turn in an assignment. Students would also be able to communicate with other students in different locations around the world, all while using safe and secure protocols. As schools begin to use more technology, the office staff can now offer online student registration. Parents can even go online to apply for the free or reduced lunch program that most school districts offer. Having a class website is very beneficial because parents and students can look up information about a current assignment and/or they can find out how to contact the teacher.




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I cannot wait to get to know you, encourage you and educate you over this school year. I am so excited that I get the honor of being your teacher for this journey. See you soon!

Ms. Stidham