8th grade Science


Dear Student/Parent,


Congratulations and welcome to 8th grade at Linwood Charter School! I am so excited to have you/your child in science class and look forward to a challenging, fun, and productive school year. In order for you/your child to be successful in this class, there are expectations that must be met. Among those listed in this letter comes the expectation that you/your child will take responsibility for your/his/her learning by contributing ideas and questions to class discussions. Don’t be afraid to ask how or why!!!


You will find some important information in this welcome letter. Please take the time to read this letter and return the last page only as soon as possible. Our class website is ________________________ and my email address is mfarrington@linwood-sabis.net.


Ms. Farrington


Classroom Rules and Policies

School Rules:

1. Take care of yourself.  (Always do your best work without leaving blanks.)

2. Take care of each other.  (Be respectful. Don’t talk at inappropriate times.)

3. Take care of this place.  (Always clean up around your work space.)



First strike – Verbal warning

Second strike – Discussion after class

Third strike –parent contact

**Student will be sent to the student management office for a repeated or serious offense


Assignments and Grading:

All assignments (homework, quizzes, labs, tests, etc.) will be given a point value, recorded on your science index, and organized into your binder for studying. This is designed to keep you organized and made aware of your progress at all times. One late assignment will be accepted without penalty but any more late work will receive a 50% point deduction. Incomplete work is not accepted and will be returned. Homework, quizzes, tests, and any other important dates to remember will be posted in advance on our website as well as a current index. Remember, “When in doubt, print it out!”                                      




It is my policy that you receive two days for each absent day to make up your work without penalty. Upon your return, it is your responsibility as a middle school student to check my website for due dates/missed assignments, get the work from the folder, and then see me to catch up on any missed instruction. Be prepared to make up any tests or quizzes you missed when you return.



Homework is designed to be an extension and reinforcement of the skills learned in class and will be assigned a couple of times a week. Please check the website frequently and use your planner to stay organized. In order to be successful in completing your assignment you will:

  • Thoroughly review all materials given to you that relate to the assignment.
  • Read the section in the science textbook pertaining to the assignment. Don’t forget to look at the diagrams!!
  • Place homework in science folder in your binder to bring to school.


Need Help?

See me for extra help before or after school. Come with questions you may have and we will work together so you are successful. You can email me, too!





  1. Notebook for notes
  2. Folders with pockets
  3. Paper towels
  4. Highlighter
  5. Pencil
  6. Package of note cards for studying

"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb