Schoolwide Expectations

PBIS Expectations

School wide expectations are taught using Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports program which is based upon a philosophy of recognizing positive contributions of students.  Our goal for every child is to help students develop self-discipline. The home and school share the responsibility for developing good citizens. Parents, teachers and students must work together to maintain a safe learning environment.  As a part of PBIS, teachers, administrators, counselors, and support staff will have the responsibility to TEACH positive behavior expectations to students. PBIS means students will know exactly what is expected of them. Students who take responsibility to behave positively will be recognized and rewarded in a variety of ways.  Students are also graded on their behavior.  

Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations as based on the 7th grade PBIS standards based report card and are as listed.

     Be Responsible

  • Follows school/classroom expectations and rules

  • Makes positive behavior choices

     Be Respectful

  • Comes prepared to class and participates in class

  • Uses school and personal property appropriately

     Be Safe

  • Listens and pays attention

  • Treats peers and adults with respect

     Positive Consequences

         Individual:     Class Dojo Points

         Class:     Monthly Class incentive based on class goal

     Negative Consequences 

  • First Offense:  3 verbal warnings
  • Second Offense:  Recovery in the classroom then rejoin the group activity when ready
  • Third Offense:  Recovery in another location/parent contact/loss of privlege
  • Fourth Offense:    Parent meeting with teacher and fill out a Think Sheet

Please see the Parent/Student Handbook for further information located on the MPS website.

Parent/Student Handbook on Rights, Responsibilities, and Discipline.


Completing homework is essential.  It teaches students responsibility and provides students with extra practice opportunities.  Homework is based on skills that students have worked on in class. The assignments given are assignments that students should be able to accomplish with little to no support.  Students are also given assignments where they are encouraged to work with family members and will need support especially in the content areas of social studies and science. Homework is given Monday through Thursday. 


Students need a 3 ring binder.  Please check the binder daily because it will contain daily homework.  If you have any important messages, please message us through Classdojo.  We check our messages daily.  Also, use this website to see what skills and strategies we are working on currently.  Check the calendar on the main page.  It will communicate to students and parents when we have classroom assessments and district assessments.   By phone, we can best be reached after school.   If you have an emergency, please call the office and they will contact us.

Classroom Schedule

Tardy, Absent, and Transportation Policy Procedures


  • Students who arrive to school after 7:50 must go to the office to receive a late pass otherwise your child will be marked absent and a phone call will be made to your home to make you aware of this.  

  • Students need to be on time in order to receive breakfast.  Breakfast ends at 7:50.    


  • If your child is absent, please write a note with your child’s name, reason for the absence, the date, and your signature.   Please give to the office staff. If an excuse is not received it is considered an unexcused absence.  


  • If your child rides a bus, your child must ride the bus they are assigned to only.  

  • Any changes to transportation should be done before noon through the Doerfler office.

  • If your child is to be picked up before school dismissal, you must go to the office and sign your child out.  Your child’s safety is our utmost importance.