Class 502 and 504! Welcome Learners!!! 


Hi Seniors!!! 


Welcome to our senior year! This website is to help you and your parents!! 

Here you will find your homework for Mondays and Fridays ( ELA) and homework for Math on Tuesday and Thursday!! 

Here you will also find important dates and Announcements!! 


Badge Ceremonies: yessmiley

September 29th 2017

October 27th 2017

November 30th 2017

December 22nd 2017

How do I get a badge?

complete 90% or higher of homework

pay attention in class

keep an updated notebook

wears uniform!!! 

excellent lunch and prep behavior 

complete all class work

no fighting/cursing/disrespect to any school staff

Reading Homework: 9/8/17

Due Monday- 9/11/17

Write 2 entries about the book you are reading. These entries must be a full page about the post it you wrote as you were reading. 

So start reading and STOP when something confuses you or you have a question. Write what you were thinking about on the post- it note INSIDE your HOMEWORK notebook. 

You can write about characters, the setting, what your characters are doing? What do the characters like? Hate? You can write a prediction about what will happen next. 


Homework 9/12-9/14

please keep reading EVERY night!!! 

On Wednesday you will be given your reading logs! Please read for 1 hour every night! 


You will I'll be responsible for writing about your book! 

You can use your notice and notes ( aha moment, memory moment, contradiction and contrast ) BUT for now focus on writing about your characters!!! Who are they? What is a problem they have? Where is the story taking place? 


By Thursday I expect to see 3 entries!!!! 

With post it notes!!! 

Senior Activities-

June 2018

Senior Breakfast 

Color Wars/ Tye Dye Shirt Day

Senior Awards Night

Senior Dance

Senior Trip

Special Activities!!! 

On Friday (9/15) we are going to be making T-shirt pillows! 


An Old T-shirt ( clean and washed) 

Old pillow - throw pillow size  heart


Supply List ( class 502 and Class 504/T05)

5 composition notebooks ( 2 for ELA, 1 for Math 1 for Social Studies, 1 for Homework! -NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS

24 pencils ( 2 boxes) 

1 box of highlighters

2 packs of post it notes

3 large erasers 

2 glue sticks 

erasable pens