My Classroom Website

Greetings Class,

Here is my Teaching Philosophy Statement, which as I move along in my teaching career may change, as I too continue my learning......

When I reflect on the reasons why I want to teach, and why it is hard for me to put everything down in a single attempt, it is because there is so much to say. But I will make this first attempt in order to solidify my personal teaching philosophy.

I enjoy working with students because I feel passionate about education and the change it can make in a person's life. Continuing education, and learning new skills, has made a profound difference in my own life and I hope to give that back to the student's I teach. I take pleasure in shared knowledge and imparting it to others. There is always learning to be done and learning is never "over." You continue to learn throughout your life either in a classroom or by life experiences. My core philosophy in this is the "Pedagogy of Shared Responsibility," where both the teacher and the student share in the learning by learning to respect each other's differences, and deepen the appreciation for lifelong learning. I have made many lifelong friends with the student's and employees I have taught and trained over the years.

I believe in the use of multi-modalities keeping in mind the various learning styles of students. It is my goal to keep students engaged, and to reach as many of them as possible in order to insure transfer of learning. Hands on, real world learning is one method to actively engage students in their learning and the desired outcomes. Skills for the 21st Century are important, especially in the field of Healthcare, where the environment, laws, and responsibilities of the providers (you and me) are rapidly changing. It is our responsibility to future patients to be at the top of our game.

I always want to improve upon my own teaching skills and methods and continue to learn and grow in this area. I will be taking unofficial surveys from my students from time to time to see how I am doing and if I am serving their needs. Most importantly to me is whether my students understand the importance of what they have learned and how this learning fits into everyday, real world, use.