Goals of the Course




The goals for this course, Français  3202, are based on the Essential Graduation Learnings as defined by the Department of Education of Newfoundland and Labrador and articulated in the Curriculum Guide.

1. Aesthetic Expression

Graduates will be able to respond with critical awareness to various forms of the arts and be able to express themselves through the arts, for example:

- Interpret a poem, song, novel and other works of art by francophones, and reflect on their significance.

 2.  Citizenship

Graduates will be able to access social, cultural, economic and environmental interdependence in a local and global context, for example:

- Examine issues of concern to francophones, demonstrating understanding of French culture and appreciation of their own cultural heritage. 

3. Communication

Graduates will be able to use the listening, viewing, speaking, reading and writing modes of language(s), and mathematical and scientific concepts and symbols, to think, learn and communicate effectively, for example:

- Demonstrate proficiency in French and a deeper understanding of their own language, English.

4. Personal Development

Graduates will be able to continue to learn and to pursue an activity, healthy lifestyle, for example:

- demonstrate understanding of cultures, including knowledge, attitudes and skills that better prepare them for a range of careers in a global economy.

5. Problem Solving

Graduates will be able to use the strategies and processes needed to solve a wide variety of problems, including those requiring language, and mathematical and scientific concepts, for example:

- Use a range of problem solving strategies and processes to learn French

6. Technological Competence

Graduates will be able to use a variety of technologies, demonstrate an understanding of technological applications, and apply appropriate technologies for solving problems, for example:

- Apply technology skills by using computers to locate, evaluate, adapt, create and share information in the Français program.

7. Spiritual and Moral Development

Graduates will be able to demonstrate understanding and appreciation for the place of belief systems in shaping the development of moral values and ethical conduct, for example:

- Compare the beliefs, behaviours, habits and customs of English and French Canadians.  

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