About Me and Resources


My Journey as a Teacher

I was 18 when I graduated college and highschool in the same year. I wanted to become a teacher for as long as I could rememeber. I started out as a teacher at a little school in Florida. I was a preschool assistant for one year before having my own classroom. I taught there for another two years before getting an offer to have my own second grade classroom in the Washington Prepatory Academy. I have been teaching at this school for a year now and am so excited to have a  new group of second graders underneath my care,


Letter to the Parents

Dear Parents,

I am so excited to have your children in my class for the year. It is going to be a lot of hard work, but I have seen your children on orentation and they all are happy and excited to get started. In my letter to you i would like to enclose resources that you may use to help your child in learning the materials that he and she will be learning in this first quarter of school. I promise you that your child will not lack anything in the learning department. I will give my time, resources, and teaching to your child. At the end of the first quarter your child will have learned the first half of the book that we are using. The achomplishments that your child will achieve will be great and exciting. I can not wait to work with you and your child.


Resources for the Parent

(These resources are for the children, but may need help from the parents to guide them on the websites. The websites have been previewed and have plenty of helpful information)

English Club’s Vocabulary Quizzes

Want to test your knowledge of vocabulary? There are dozens of categorized quizzes provided on this website.





English Grammar Guide

This website provides helpful guides and examples for learning English grammar concepts like adverb, relative clauses and verb tenses.






Letter to the Students

Dear Students

I am so very excited to have you in my class. English was and is my first love growing up and i would love to instill that love in each one of you. I had such a hard time with school when i was younger. My teachers were not involved in my work and i felt alone doing it. I did not start to like school till i was in college in high school. That was a game changer for me, but i do not want it to be that way for you. I would like you to have a strong understanding of school and like it before getting to college. I would like you to be grounded in the work that you do and be proud of it. With these things in mind I am so excited and proud to be your teacher. With that being said if you have any problems or questions in class work please contact me. If an assignment does not make sense to you please contact me. If you do not have understanding of a concept please contact me. I am here to help you and i want your learning experience to be one that is full of understanding. Below i have resources for you as the student to view if you need help. If you are struggling please contace me and we will view these resources together.

Resources for the Student

A Word a Day

This daily email teaches subscribers a new word every day, including its definition and pronunciation. This will help the students with understanding of words and what they mean.



This weekly podcasts tackles common topics in English language learning and discusses them in simple English to help listeners comprehend and retain the lessons. This site is mainly used for people who do not know english, but for students who are working on english this is the perfect podcast site to help children learn nouns, pronouns and other parts of speech.

























  • Self-Study Quizzes

    Whether trying to master homonyms, grammar, or slang, this website has a range of quizzes to help.