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On this site you will have My bio, Contact Information, a Course Calander, and Resources for you and your parents!

I am so excited for this upcoming school year and can not wait to get to know all of you! Please feel free to look at my "Contact Page" to get more information on me and how to get a hold of me. I am here for you so please reach out if you need help or are struggling in the class.

Mrs. Rivera

Course Calander: August 2019

(Explanations of the course assignments are below the course calander. Please contact me in the "Contact me" page if you have any questions about the weekly assignmets)



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Notes:

Intro to new Module

Go over progres on module Paper More progress should be made on paper. Papers should almost be done Turn in paper  
Review Readings in Book Review new section in book Review paper with a friend Review papers as a class Buddy reading time  
Out Loud Reading Group Reading Evaluations on course Material Go over evaluation scores Finish weekly book a  
Group Reading and Pick out weekly Book Free reading time till end of class Work on papers and weekly book Buddy reading time Write a paragraph summarysing the weekly book  
Homework: Start weekly Paper Continue paper Continue paper Finish paper Quiz on module  



Intro To New Module: Every week we will be starting a new module in our class. We will read out of the assigned book for the module and talk about the concepts that we will be learning for the week. This is an open book and note time, I am teaching them at this time, but also I want them to feel free to ask questions about concepts that they do not know. There will be question and answer times that the children can ask questions than.


Review The Readings In Book: The book that we will be using from the program Rod and Staff we will review the readings that will be read in the week by the students.


Out Loud Reading Project: Children will have a chance to go around and read a poem from the back of the book. Reading out loud helps the reading skills and helps children get out of their comfort zone.


Group Reading: In group reading children will get in groups of three or four and pick out a book, they will each read a page and than pass it to their friends. This gives children a chance to read out loud and make friends.


Weekly Book: Each week the child will pick out a book from my bookshelf to begin on Monday and finish on Friday. Children will have the chance to read in class, but this is an home work assignment as well. At the end of each semester the child will pick their favorite book that they have read and write a book report on it.


Weekly Paper: Each week there will be a paper assigned on the new material that is being learned in the class.


Please reach out if you need any help. Your needs are important to me. If you are struggling withe the class assignments or need help with understanding please contact me. I want you to do well in this course and suceed.

Mrs. Rivera

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