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You are about to enter an exciting world of learning and technology that would pave the way for future success in your academic and career paths. Computer technology is an essential component of education today and is needed in our daily lives if we want to keep up with the rest of the advanced technological societies. The IC3 Digital Literacy Certification is globally recognized and provides a foundation for the evolving world of technology. Three major components of the IC3 Digital Literacy Program are: Living Online, Key Applications & Computing Fundamentals.

Students are required to demonstrate competency in each component of the IC3 Global Standard Program. Upon successful completion and a passing score, students will receive certification status. This status can be accessed through online digital transcripts whenever needed.

Students will be required to observe the rules of netiquette and follow all instructions pertaining to the appropriate use of technology according to the Broward County School Code of Student Conduct as well as classroom policies. Students are not permitted to misuse technology by visiting unassigned websites, viewing inappropriate pictures/ sites, playing games or creating documents with inappropriate content. Violation of these rules will result in the revocation of technology privileges which will certainly affect one's performance in this course.



 This non-profit Program is sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies, and is dedicated to connecting cities around the world and developing global competence among students of various cultures where students experience cultural diffusion and a deep understanding of each other. Students will connect with other cities in a digiital learning environment through an e-classroom and through Skype connections. Each unit culminates in a project based assignment that addresses real world situations providing authentic learning opportunities for students.


Students are asked to bring a flash drive and their own headphones/earbuds for use in these classes.


Headphones/Ear buds

Flash Drive

1 Notebook

Writing Utensil

Hand Sanitizer/Sanitizing Wipes



Assessments     40%

Classwork          40%

Homework        20%


Students are provided adequate time to complete all assignments, consistently reminded of missing work and are given opportunities in class to complete incomplete assignments. As a result, students submitting late assignments will receive a 50% deduction in grade.


We will be utilizing many online resources in this course including NewsEla, Vocabulary.com, Everfi, Discovery Education, GMetrix, Freerice, Tinkercad, Adobe Spark, newseumEd.org, Kahoot, Nearpod, Linoit, Piktochart, Skype, Second Step, Typing.com, Code.org.


Each class will log into Vocabulary.com using an assigned code. Please use the code that is assigned to your class only so that your progress can be tracked and graded accurately:

Period 1 - Technology/Global Scholars: http://vocab.com/join/3WQYV8E

Period 2 - Technology: http://vocab.com/join/2X5XJ2Y

Period 3 - Technology/Global Scholars: http://vocab.com/join/2RHFW3W

Period 4 - Technology: http://vocab.com/join/3D1TW68

Period 6 - Technology: http://vocab.com/join/PNEHNA



Please note that parent conferences occur every  Wednesday and Thursday morning and this can be scheduled by calling the Guidance Office at 754-322- 3833. Please ensure that your child attends the conference so that he/she can participate, allowing us the opportunity to understand what he/she is experiencing at school. You will recieve a copy of all that was discussed, recommendations that are made and any necessary updates. Upon checking in at the front office, you will be greeted by one of your child's teachers and escorted to the location of the conference.



Students will utilize Canvas as well as this website to remain updated on homework, important notices and classwork for the rest of the school year. Logging into Canvas through Clever is crucial to authenticating your attendance as a Broward County student.

Please follow these steps to log in correctly:

1. Log in to Clever

2. Open Office 365

3. Click on "Teams" and leave open

4. Go to Canvas

5. Click on meeting link

6. Cancel "Open M/S Teams"

7. Select "Join on the Web"

8.  Select "Join Now"


Instructions for IC3 students for downloading GMetrix at home:

Note! This software will not work on Mac Systems (Apple products) for Microsoft Office  
1. Download GMetrix a. Go to https://support.gmetrix.net/download b. Select Download for GMetrix SMS for Windows c. Install Typical download for your system 
2. Install current version of Microsoft Office a. Login to your Clever account using 06# username and PMM/DD/YYYY password b.  Click on Office365 application to launch in a new tab c. On the home page, to the right, you’ll see “Install Office” d.  Select that option, input your credentials again if necessary, to download and install Office 
3. Launch GMetrix a.  Sign in using your credentials created in class… should be your 06# username and PMM/DD/YYYY password b.  Click Start New Test c. Select Microsoft Office d.  Choose your application (PowerPoint, Word or Excel) e.  Select appropriate exam (trainings always before tests) f. If you can’t see the tests, you may need a new access code. Email your teacher for this information.