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Ms. Eguia's Classroom Resources


Online Math Resources 

The BBC’s Number Time

A ton of tasks and games for building number sense… WOW!! Movies too!

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Hundreds of free applets on math, divided up by grade and mathematical strand...

Hear your pattern!

Calculator and a hundreds chart that interact together

Bouncing Number Line:

Home math activities

Grocery store math activities

Real world math activities

Fun math activities

The Futures Channel

This site features on-line video interviews with people in sometimes unusual careers.

Each one explains how math and science play a critically important role. Teacher

tasks are suggested for follow up.

BBC Numeracy site for intermediate students

Hosted by Pythagoras and Hypatia, this interactive site has applets addressing space

and shape, number, data and algebra. Each game includes “Key Ideas” feature - an

illustrated glossary of the math behind the games Really fun!

Get 2 Months for $5!