About Our Class

Our Math Skills class was created to strengthen the skills of those students who need intensive math instruction.  Instruction will be hands-on, individualized (as much as possible) and students will be given continuous assessment. 

Homework plays an important role in helping your student maintain the concepts learned.  Although homework is not included in the grading system, there is a reward for completing homework.  Students will receive a 'Homework Allowance' in which they will receive class money for completing homework.  They will keep track of how much money they get using a checks and balance register.  They may purchase small items from my treasure box using their 'class savings.'  They will record deposits and withdrawls in their learning journals.

Learning journals are kept in the classroom.  Students will write their Smart Starts, any notes we take, as well as Fantastic Finishes in these.  They will receive a grade for completing their learning journals as part of their 'Class Assignments.' 

Grading System:


Class Assignments--40%