Class Reminders

Be prepared for homework assignments next week!  (August 17th--August 21st)

 This is the beginning of the school year, so it is very important to remember what is expected of you.

1.  Please remember to use the 'beginning of the class' procedures when class starts.

     a.  Get your Learning Journals

     b.  Find your seat.  If you need to sharpen your pencil, this would be the time to do so.

     c.  Write down the underlined words of the objective into the designated box in your agenda book. 

     d.  Read the agenda for class.

     e.  Complete the 'smart start' in your learning journals.

     f.  Wait for further instructions.

2.  Please remember the independent work, group work and whole group practices when appropriate.

3.  Please remember the 'end of class' procedure.  This is when you are to listen to teacher instructions to prepare for dismissal.