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Tuesday, September 5: You will be able to understand class expectations


-Class rules, expectations and lates to class (see eBoard "Welcome") - quiz Thursday

-Class overview - what we will be learning

-ice breaker


Wednesday, September 6 (Day 2) and Thursday, September 7 (Day 3): You will be able to get to know your classmates who will become your team members and discuss how technology affects today's careers

Activator: Our class has six students. What is a team? How will we work together as a team? What does working together as a team have to do with a job?

-ice breaker

-change computer password

-discuss what it means to find a career you enjoy

Summarizer: Besides sleeping, eating, texting, playing computer games or social media, what is your favorite thing to do? Please respond in the iNote below.


Thursday, September 7 (Day 3) and Friday, September 8 (Day 4): You will be able to learn about DECA and complete a career self-assessment questionnaire

Activator: What does your personality have to do with choosing a career? Is it important? Explain.


-handout - Life Stages

Summarizer: Pair/Share - Define short-term goal. Define long-term goal.


Monday, September 11 (Day 1): You will be able to examine your personality style and relate it to different types of career opportunities 

Activator: Why should you complete a self-assessment when determining a future career? List three reasons. and print results with your name

-notes - Careers in the Digital Age

Summarizer: What information do you find out when completing a self-assessment? How can you find out about job openings?


Tuesday, September 12 (Day 2) and Wednesday, September 13 (Day 3): You will be able to examine the information contained in a resume and create a personal resume

Activator: What is a resume? What kind of information is included on a resume?

-notes - reviewing a resume

-find a sample resume online. What information does it tell the person reviewing it?

-resume template

Summarizer: Partner review of your resume


Wednesday, September 13 (Day 3) and Thursday, September 14 (Day 4): You will be able to finalize your resume and discuss the job interview process

Activator: What is a job interview? How may an employer determine who to interview and not interview?


-handout - Which Careers Earn the Highest Income?

Summarizer: Would you rather work for a company or being self-employed? List three positives and three negatives for each?


Friday, September 15 (Day 1): You will be able to evaluate yourself as a potential entrepreneur

Activator: What is an entrepreneur? What are companies you know who have good entrepreneurs?


Summarizer: Choose a company which has multiple locations. What is the name of the company? Where is it headquartered? Who founded the company? How many locations do they have? Who is the current CEO?



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