Prof. Ed 9 Web-based lesson plan (ERCC)

Prof. Ed 9

Web-based lesson plan




E Resistor Color Code is a system of colors used to indicate the resistance Value of Resistors that uses colored stripes or bands printed on its body.



At the end of the lesson, the students expected to:

1. Identify the colors of Resistor color coding accordingly

2. Calculate the value of Resistors based on the color code.

3. Adhere to the importance of using color.


Content: E Resistor Color Coding and its value



1. Prayer/Greetings/Introduction

2. Review of the previous lesson/topic

3. Motivation:

A.) Provide Resistor to every students for them to examine

B.) Ask students on their observation of the given Resistor 

4. Discussion of the 4 colors/bands Resistor

5. Ask students to read the value of Resistor given to them based on a given colors.

6. Ask Students, what they learned about the discussion of (ERCC)

7. Assignment



In order to assess and evaluate the leaning of student, I'll give a short quiz regarding our lesson "ERCC"

Determine the value of the following Resistors:

1. Orange, Blue, Yellow, Gold.

2. Green, Black, Violet, Silver.

3. Red, Brown, Orange, Gold.


Summary: This lesson aims to develop the learning of every ELX student, regarding the proper solving of ERCC, which they can use in the field of their specialization as well in their everyday life..


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