2nd Grade

Fall  Lesson 1

Fall Lesson 2

Fall Lesson 3 -- Matisse-Inspired Fall Leaves and Wind Collage

Matisse Fall Collage

Warm and Cool colored artwork.  Cut out squares of warm colors (red, orange, yellow) and glue them on a piece of construction paper. Next cut cool (blue, green, purple) colored leaf-shaped out or squiggle shapes of the wind, and glue the shapes on top of the squares.

Fall Lesson 4 -- Fall Leaves and the Study of Lines

Fall Leaves

Fall Lesson 5 -- Indian Hat

Indian HatLink for Hat Craft

Fall Lesson 5 -- Pilgrim Boy OR Girl

Pilgrim GirlPilgrims

Winter Lesson 1 -- Paper Wreaths

Art Print 3 -- Harvest at La Crau by Vincent van Gogh

Art Print 4 -- Sketches of Cats by Leonardo da Vinci


Recycle Lesson --