3rd Grade

Art Print 1 -- I and the Village by Marc Chagall

Fall Lesson 1


Fall Lesson 3

Inspired Artwork by 1st grade kids This is a fabulous art lesson to learn about a current artist and an alternative way to cr...   How to make the polka dot pumpkins with web background


Fall Lesson 4

Warm and Cool color trees: Great project for fall, as well as for incorporating art, math & nature study.

Fall Lesson 5

Detailed Pumpkin

Fall Lesson 5

Popsicle Stick PilgrimPopsicle Stick TurkeyPilgrim  Turkey

Winter Lesson 1 -- Newspaper Reindeer

   If the reindeer is drying, cut out a Christmas ball ornamet.

1. Trace patterns onto a piece of newspaper -- head, body, eyes, nose.

2.Paint body and head (minus the antlers) -- brown; Nose -- red

3. Paint two black circles in the eyes.

4. If dry enough, cut the shapes out. If not label with your name, grade, and homeroom.

Day 2 -- Cut out project and glue on blue paper. Use white paint to add snowflakes. If you finish early, create snowflakes out of white paper.


Winter Lesson 3 -- Christmas Tree Spiral

Valentine's Lesson 1 --


Art Print 3 -- Let Me Paint Something by Wang Yani


Art Print 4 -- Rainy Night Downtown by Georgia Mills Jessup


Recycle Lesson --