4th Grade

Art Print 1  -- Hunt's Vase by Janet Fish


Art Print 2 -- Still Life by Floris van Dyck


Fall Lesson 1


Fall Lesson 3

   How to make the Polka Dot Pumpkins with Web Backgrounds


Fall Lesson 4

Warm and Cool color trees: Great project for fall, as well as for incorporating art, math & nature study.


Fall Lesson 5

Word Art Cat PumpkinDetailed Pumpkin with Pastels

Fall Lesson 6 -- Popsicle Stick Pilgrim or Turkey

PilgrimTurkeyPilgrim   Turkey

Winter Lesson 1 -- White Trunk with Small Snowflakes on a Blue Background

Winter Lesson 2 -- Positive and Negative Two-Toned Snowflakes

1. White copy paper background, fold paper in fourths -- half and then half again.

2. 2 dark color retangles, 2 light colored squares are needed.

3. Use a pencil to sketch out half a snowflake.

4. Use scissors to cut the half a snowflake out.  Cut out one light colored one and glue both pieces down, Then cut out a dark colored one and glue both pieces down.

5. Do the same for the bottom half of the page.

Winter Lesson 3 -- Christmas Tree Spiral

Art Print 3 --

The Gourmet

Art Print 4 --

Valentine's Lesson 1 --


Recycle Lesson --