5th Grade

Art Print 1-- The Stampede by Frederic Remington

Art Print 2 -- Whistling Jar, unknown artist, Nazca Pottery


Fall Lesson 1


Fall Lesson 2


     I saw this fabulous art project in my friend's classroom the other day. She had taken this idea from our other friend's classroom! Nothi...

Monochromatic Background with Spooky House

Fall Lesson 3

silhouette trees patterns art lesson project autumn elementary fall

Sketchbook Pg. 3

Fall Lesson 4 -- Weaving Indian Mats



Winter Lesson 1 -- Intricate Snowflakes


Winter Lesson 2 -- Paper Angel 


Valentine's Lesson 1 -- 

Art Print 3 -- Martin Luther King Jr. by Selma Burke

1. Tell what you see.      2. Explain what you see.     3. Think about what it means.     4. Tell your opinion.

Art Print 4 -- Good Neighbors by Jane Wooster Scott


Recycle Lesson --