Lesson 8 --

Piet Mondrain Print -- Use of Primary Colors

Fall Lesson 1


Fall Lesson 2

Fall Lesson 3

Pumpkin Color Mixing

Fall Lesson 4 -- Corn Painting and Turkey Feet

Corn PaintingTurkey Prints

Fall Lesson 5 -- Handprint Acorn Craft

Handprint Acorn

Winter Lesson 1 -- Simple Wreath Painting

 Use pom-poms and green paint. Carefully paint the circle. Use q-tips and red paint to paint the berries.

Winter Lesson 2 -- Green Paper Tree Art

 Glue green paper in the Christmas tree outline.

Kinder Book -- Lesson 2

Kinder Book -- Lesson 3

Desserts   Cakes

Kinder Book -- Lesson 4

How Beautiful Life is

Art Print 5 -- The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

Art Print 6 -- The Gourmet by Pablo Picasso

Art Print 7 -- Jar with Zigzag Pattern by Lucy Lewis


Spring Lesson 1 -- Coffee Filter Butterflies with Pipe Cleaners

Spring Lesson 2 -- Sparkly Muffin Paper Flowers


Recycle Lesson --