PK Lesson 5 -- Red Apple Handprint

PK Lesson 6 -- Handprint Red Parrot


PK Lesson 7 -- Handprint Red Strawberry

Fall Lesson 1


Fall Lesson 2

Fall Lesson 3

Pumpkin Color Mixing

Fall Lesson 4 -- Indian Corn and Turkey Feet

Indian Corn in PaintTurkey tracks

Fall Lesson 5 -- Handprint Acorn

Handprint Acorn

Winter Lesson 1 -- Fork-Painted Christmas Tree

1. Teacher pre-paints trunks.

2. 2 green paint squirts, 1/2 yellow, and 1/2 white paint squirt on a tray. Use the fork to mix the paint and create SHADES and TINTS.

3. Remove forks and paint trays.

4. Choose 4 or 5 colors. Use paint palettes and q-tips to paint on dots. Remind students to ONLY DOT. Do NOT smire the paint.


Winter Lesson 2 -- Snowy Day Tree Collage

1. Teacher precuts blue cloud background and multiple colored and sized triangular trees.

2. Students chooses one cloud and three different colored trees and glues them on the white paper. Use the DOT, DOT, NOT A LOT saying to help.

3. Student uses one black color to draw one central trunk, and branches off the trunk.

4. Students uses q-tip in white paint to create snowflakes falling.


Valentine's Lesson 1 --

Spring Lesson 1 --


Spring Lesson 2 -- Paint white bunny and finger paint egg with stampers


Spring Lesson 3 -- Wind Sock

Sunflower -- Van Gogh Lesson

Van Gogh

Draw VERY LARGE flower with black crayon. Paint with water colors.