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If your content is not like this or you are cheating, you will be "penalised" by Google: you will not rank well or even not appear in the results list at all. The Panda algorithm, mentioned at the beginning of this article, was launched in 2011 and is now in its umpteenth update. The control at the algorithm level is not continuous, as the algorithm runs at certain times, and only a small proportion of websites are affected. So it follows that you can be found at any time, and also that if you have cleaned up your website after a penalty, your ranking will not be restored immediately, only when the algorithm is run again. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Google can also manually penalize your website, i.e. downrank it or remove it from the results list. In such a case, you are in an easier position in that you will be notified in Search Console so that you can take the appropriate action and report back to Google.


It's not just the words and phrases that matter for search engine optimisation, but also how and where you place text on the about essayassistant.net. Search engines are aware of which parts of the page are the most valuable. That's why it's a good idea to fill the space on the page dedicated to breadcrumbs, and not to put your keywords in the footer or sidebars. In the case of HTML5, identification is even easier, as semantic elements such as or which the search engine understands. The body part of the text is therefore the most important for search engines in terms of content. But it is also important that it is properly structured. With titles (H1), subheadings (H2), paragraphs, tables where appropriate, lists, images (alt text), videos. Exactly what a good article or study looks like, intended for human reading. But more on this later.


Keyword selection is still the starting point for SEO copywriting. Keywords can be seen as keywords used once or twice, but more broadly as core topics. These can be used to form related keyword groups, which are then used to create content, with each sub-page emphasising a different one. The number of times we place our keywords for a given page in the text is really irrelevant. What's not good is to use a word too many times, because it will get noticed by common app essay assistance. This is called keyword stuffing. However, it does not take into account the percentage of the keyword in the text when ranking for results, despite the fact that many SEO software tools provide information on this. They are only good for one thing: to check whether you have not made the mistake of keyword stuffing. But the point is that you should include your keyword in your text, but only once or twice, because Google will not weigh your text based on keyword frequency alone.

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