Classroom money system

Class Money System 

All students start the year with $25.00. 

Students can earn money by:

v    Completing daily homework with parent signature - $5.00 (paid on Friday)

v    Turn in completed reading log on Friday with parent signature - $3.00

v    Working with partner (checked weekly) - $3.00

v    Keeping a clean and neat desk (checked randomly) - $2.00

v    Being on task (varies)

v    Completing daily class job - $1.00 per day (paid on Friday)

v    Using Word of the Week correctly in a sentence - $2.00

v    Helping another student (varies)  

v  Turn in Macro Ro book - $10.00 

Students will have to pay the teacher when:

v    Not working with partner - $3.00

v    No name on work - $5.00

v    Not on task or talking - $5.00

v    Blurting out answers - $5.00

v    Leaning back in your chair - $15.00

v    Not returning homework when it is due - $5.00 first day, $1.00 each additional day

v    Not returning weekly reading log on Friday with parent signature - $5.00 first day, $1.00 each additional day  

**Beware:  if you are caught wandering around when you should be working, you could get a parking ticket.   A parking ticket has a $4.00 fine.  You can also be issued a speeding ticket for speeding through your classwork or tests.  A speeding ticket has a $10.00 fine.  

**If you run out of money, you will have to pay using your recess time . . .five minutes for every dollar you owe.