P.M. Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  
P.M. P.M. P.M. P.M. P.M.  
12:30- Arrival/Wash hands 12:30-Arrival/Wash hands   12:30-Arrival/Table Play 12:30-Arrival/Table Play  
12:35-Table Play 12:35-Table Play   12:35-Table Play 12:35-Table Play  
12:55- Circle 12:50- Circle   12:50- Circle 1:05-1:25-Outside play- Playground  
1:20-1:50-Music with Miss Gabby 1:15- Handwashing/Bathroom Distance Learning- All Students Are Home 1:15- Handwashing/Bathroom 1:25- Handwashing/Bathroom  
1:55-2:15-Outside play- Playground 1:20-Snack/quiet reading   1:20-Snack/quiet reading 1:30- Snack/quiet reading  
2:15- Handwashing/Bathroom 1:55-2:15-Outside play- Blacktop   1:55-2:15-Outside play- Blacktop 1:55- Circle  
2:20- Snack/quiet reading 2:15- Center Play/Project (handwashing)   2:15- Center Play/Project (handwashing) 2:25-2:55-- Art with Mrs. Breschard  
2:55-Closing Circle- Dismissal 2:45- Closing Circle   2:45- Closing Circle 2:55- Closing Circle