Classroom Rules

Students should be in their room and in their desks when the tardy bell rings.

There is an assignment (bell ringer) posted each day (journal) to be completed upon entering the classroom .

Weekly/daily assignments are posted.  Long-term assignments are posted in a seperate place, with updates of deadlines.

Assignments are written on the board.  Students who have been absent are responsible for checking to see what needs to be made up during absences.  However, please remember that it is very difficult for students to be successful unless they are present at school!!!!

The Team 5 rules and all GCMS Handbook/Planner rules are enforced in this class.

Respect yourself, each other, and all adults at GCMS.  This expectation includes the common courtesy of saying "please" and "thank you".

Students may not leave the classroom or be in the hallway during class periods, without a planner signed by the teacher.

GCMS Grading Scale:

100 - 90% = A

89 - 80% = B

79 - 70% = C

69 - 60% = D

59 - 0% = F

Social Studies Consists of four graded components:

Journal writing, assessments (tests), class work, and research assignments.

Students will be given a choice of several research projects to complete on their own time.

Extra-point projects are offered during each nine-week period for those students interested.