Gs.7-9 Grading System


The school year is divided into three (3) terms. Each term consists of nine to ten weeks. At end of each term, students get report cards with their averages calculated out 100 based on each subject's grading system. Each student has to undertake an end of term examination, which accounts for 60% of the overall grade for the term. The remaining 40% is calculated as on going assessment and includes quizzes, homework, class work, activities, and formal tests. At the end of the year the average of the three terms is considered as the student's final result. Here is a clarification of the Mathematics Department grading system:  

Total  Marks = 100

Math           Club ActivitiesAssigned QuizzesMid Term QuizClass workSAT Test PrepHomeworkPortfolioEnd of Term Test
Activities that are  done in the math clubQuizzes assigned on the weekly homework planCumulative quiz that includes all the lessons done to datePractice Masters / All worksheets done in classQuizzes that match the SAT testAll assignments done at homeEvaluation done on the Student PortfolioFormal Test announced by the Administration