Spanish I Homework

Spanish I Homework

9/5  Labor Day--enjoy your holiday!

9/6  Bring in an internet article about one thing that interested you from our class today (e.g, Paseo del Río, Los Tigres del Norte, los exploradores)

9/7 Fill in the Spanish vocabulary words that correspond to the pictures on the list in your packet.

9/8 Study for the vocabulary quiz.

9/9 Work on your "All About Me" poster (due Monday).  Click here for instructions and an example.

9/12 Bring in very small (1x2”) pictures/drawings of the following: 1) yourself, 2) a friend/sibling, 3) a boy/girl/adult, 4) a group of friends (including self, if possible),  5) boys, 6) girls, 7) adults.

9/13 In class we wrote notes to students in another class.  Homework is to rewrite your note neatly on another piece of paper, leaving room at the bottom for response.  For note instructions, click here.

9/14 No homework unless you need to finish your survey questions.  For more instructions, click here.

9/15 Review for quiz. Prepare for "debate." (Note: preparing for the "debate" is the review for the quiz.)

9/16 No homework.