Spanish II Homework

   Spanish II Homework

September 5:  Labor Day (no school)  Enjoy your holiday!

September 6:  Study the vocabulary from Unit 1, Lesson 1 for tomorrow's quiz.  Bring in your study aid that you chose from the list I gave you last week (flash cards, a song you made up, sentences using the words, etc.).  Hint: don't forget that you can practice on the Quia website.  (Click here to go to the quizzes for Unit 1, Lesson 1.)

September 7:  Write a letter to your best friend about the classes and activities you are involved in this year.  Write at least 8 sentences.  Use at least 5 new vocabulary words from this lesson as well as 2 direct or indirect object pronouns.  Don't forget to use the correct verb endings!  (Click here if you need practice using direct or indirect object pronouns.)

September 8:  Answer the questions on the handout about the story we read in class.  Reread the story if necessary.  Be ready to discuss the answers.

September 9:  Read the story to your parents, a friend (not in Spanish class), or a brother/sister, or someone else not in Spanish class.  Ask them what they think about the story (you can use the questions from the handout).  Record their answers in Spanish to at least 5 questions.  Note: "I don't know" does not count.  These need to be thoughtful answers that address the questions.

September 12:  Choose a topic for the "essay" due on Friday.  The essay will consist of 10 sentences about something that is currently going on in a Spanish-speaking country.   Tonight's homework is only to choose what you want to write about--look in a newspaper or online, ask your parents, or listen to the radio for ideas.  Find an article and print it out.  (See the handout for the instructions and parameters.)  You will sign up for a topic in class on Tuesday.

September 13:  Find out about your country where your current event is taking place.  You need to know where the country is located and one thing that might be contributing to what is going on (geography, weather, politics, economics, whatever).  Write these down using at least 2 sentences  in Spanish.

September 14:  Write 3 sentences in Spanish describing what is currently happening in your chosen country.

September 15: Write 3 sentences in Spanish describing what you think will happen as a result of the event you chose to talk about.

September 16: (Whatever you didn't finish in class, finish for homework.)  You have 8 sentences written in Spanish about the topic you have chosen.  Now use them to put together a brief essay that states what is going on, where it is going on, why it might be going on, and what you think will happen because of the event.  NOTE:  The final essay must be 10 sentences in Spanish and is due on Monday, September 19.