Spanish II Project Instructions

  Spanish II Current Event Essay:

  1. Choose a current event that is happening in a Spanish-speaking country.  You can get ideas from newspapers, magazines, the radio, family, friends, wherever.  It just needs to be happening now.  Find an article about it.
  2. Find out where your country is located and what might be contributing to what is happening there (weather, geography, politics, economics).  (Homework: write 2 sentences in Spanish about this)
  3. Find out what is actually happening.  (Homework: 3 sentences in Spanish about this)
  4. Predict what will happen next as a result of this event.  (Homework: 3 sentences in Spanish about this)
  5. Write at least 10 sentences in Spanish that put all of these ideas together.  Use the present tense.
  6. Due Date: Monday, September 19 at the beginning of class.