"All About Me" poster instructions

Instructions for “All About Me” poster


Create a “poster” on an 8 ½ x 11” piece of paper.  On the top half, draw a picture or glue a photo of yourself doing what you like to do or eating and drinking what you like to eat and drink.  This must be school appropriate! Below your picture, write complete sentences with the following information:

1. Your name.

2.  What you like to do.

3.  What you also like to do. (Use “También” to start your sentence.)

4.  What you do not like to do. (1 extra credit point if you combine this sentence with what you like to do in #2, using “pero” to start off what you do not like to do—see example.)

5.  What you like to eat and what you like to drink.  (Use “y” between them.)


Note: it is good to use vocabulary from this lesson, but it is not required as long as you use correct Spanish words.

Example (a picture and the rubric are in your packet):

Me llamo Señora Benz.

Me gusta llamar por teléfono, pero no me gusta andar en patineta.

También me gusta pasar tiempo con mis amigos.

Me gusta comer chocolate y beber té (tea).