Note to a Student in Another Class

Write a note to someone in another class.

1. Greet the other student and give your own name.

2. Say where you and a friend are from (nosotros) OR say where “yo” is from and your friend is from (if different).

3. Say where your teacher is from. 

4. Say what you like or do not like to do before or after school (use "antes de" or "después de").

5 Ask where the other student is from (use tú). 

6. You must use the words “también” and “pero” in note.

Example:  Me llamo Señora Benz.  Yo soy de Tejas, pero mi amigo Mark es de Minnesota.  Mi profesora es de Wheaton.  Me gusta leer libros después de escuela.  También me gusta comer pizza.  ¿De dónde eres?  (For another example, see p. 38 of your textbook.)

You may work with a partner (you will need to ask him/her where he/she is from).  Each person turns in their own different note.