Instructions for survey questions (rewrite)

Pull out your packet and find the survey from the previous week (¿Qué te gusta hacer?" signature activity).  With a partner, rewrite the sentences using the "a" construction according to the following:

  1. A (partner’s name) y yo ______ gusta ____________.
  2. A (two other students names) ______ gusta ____________.
  3. A mí _____ gusta _______________.
  4. A Ud. (like you’re talking to me, Sra. Benz) _____ gusta _____________.
  5. A ti (like talking to partner) ______ gusta ________________.
  6. A él/ella (another student’s name) ______ gusta ________________.

Note: This activity uses "a" and a person to emphasize who likes something.  Be sure to use the correct pronouns!

Example: A mí me gusta estudiar español.