Parent Permission Forms

Parent Permission Forms

This website does not allow me to insert documents, so please feel free to cut and paste from here--or ask me for another copy of any forms you need. 

The following form is due September 16 for all Spanish I and II students:

_________________________ (Student's name) has my permission to attend the field trip to the Hispanic Culture Museum on Tuesday, September 27, 2011. 

  • I understand that students will be travelling by school bus and that every precaution will be taken for safety and for a timely return (before 3pm). 
  • I also understand that my student needs to be at school no later than 8am in order to get on the bus. 
  • I will send my student with a sack lunch:  ____ yes  ____ no
  • If no, my student will have $7 for lunch money: ________ (please initial)

_________________________________ (Parent/guardian signature)                 _______________________ (Date)