Element 3


I believe:

* That quality teaching will provide students with clear goals, criteria and expectations for their work.

* That assessment is a continuous process and should be both summative and formative.

* That assessment needs to be planned and linked to learning.

* That planning, learning, assessing and reporting are part of a cyclical process:

 Teaching and Learning Cycle

* That planning should be focused around clear learning goals and the Quality Teaching Framework.

* That teachers should provide opportunities for ongoing reporting and consultation with parents and students. 

* Students should be given ongoing, specific written and verbal feedback soon after a task, which focuses on the learning outcomes.

* That peer feedback is a valid and useful form of assessment when students are taught how to participate effectively. 


I have:

* planned and implemented lesson sequences that engage students and have specific learning outcomes.

* identified and articulated clear learning goals in lessons.

* structured learning experiences in a logical and sequential manner to meet learning outcomes.

* used a variety of resources in my lessons, including concrete materials, ICT resources, images and diagrams.

* used a variety of strategies to assess student achievement.

* demonstrated an understanding of the link between outcomes and assessment strategies in my planning.

* given specific and relevant oral feedback to students. 

* demonstrated an understanding of the Teaching and Learning cycle, in particular the need to reflect on the assessment results to inform future planning. 


I have chosen a  Science unit that I developed for a Stage 1 class as my evidence for this Element. This unit clearly shows how I have identified clear learning goals and linked these to assessment as part of the planning process. I have used a range of assessment strategies that focus on assessment for learning. The lessons are sequenced so as to enhance student understanding by building on their knowledge and experiences and are directly linked to the relevant syllabus outcomes. This unit also used a range of engaging and appropriate resources, including concrete materials, worksheets that scaffold learning, and computers to assist their investigations.


I will:

* Give students specific written feedback on their work that relates to the learning outcomes for the task, on my next practicum.

* Give students the specific criteria for the majority of tasks they undertake on my next practicum. 

* Communicate with parents through a letter home on my next practicum.

* Develop a system to record ongoing student achievement in at least one KLA on my practicum.

* Use a variety of assessment strategies on my practicum that aren't just traditional pencil and paper tests and collect work samples.


I need:

* To decide on the most effective method of giving students feedback, e.g. post-it notes immediately, written feedback in books, develop a general feedback sheet that can be used for multiple KLAs.

* To integrate giving or telling students the specific criteria for a task into my lesson plans

* To write a letter to parents introducing myself once I know my practicum class.

* Research different methods on recording student achievement and choose one to use on practicum.

* Write a list of different assessment strategies that I can use on practicum. 

* To photocopy work samples on practicum.