Data Keeping


I will record the grades for all assignments and assessments into a physical gradebook. These grades will also be entered at the end of each week into the school's management system: School Speak. You may view your student's scores on School Week and contact me if you have any concerns or questions regarding grades. Grades will also be documented on report cards that will be sent out at the end of every quarter. 

My grading scale is as follows:

A         94-100%

A-       91-93%

B+      88-90%

B         84-87%

B-       81-83%

C+      78-80%

C        74-77%

C-      71-73%

D+    68-70%

D       64-67%

D-     61-63%


Students who struggle to follow directions in class may need to have their behavior monitored more closely. If I notice that a student is not motivated by the cubes to follow the classroom rules, I will sit down with the student at the end of each day during the week. I will then help the student fill out the following chart, which will be sent home with the student. By having students monitor and keep track of their own behavior, my hope is for them to get back on track and learn about the importance of following classroom rules.

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