Rules and Consequences

In my classroom, there are specific rules and behavior expectations. If, for whatever reason, a student breaks one of the following rules, the following consequences will be enforced:


Rule 1: When entering the classroom, look at the agenda on the board and follow the directions listed.

Rule 2: Be respectful when I am teaching a lesson; do not talk over the teacher or any other adults in the classroom.

Rule 3: Keep your hands to yourself.

Rule 4: Do not use mean or disrespectful language when talking to adults or other students. I want my classroom to be a safe learning environment for all students so bullying will not be tolerated.


Consequence 1: If a rule is broken, the student(s) involved will first receieve a verbal warning.

Consequence 2: If a rule is broken for a second time, I will contact the student's guardians and inform them of the rule that has been broken.

Consequence 3: If a rule is broken for three or more times, I will set up a meeting with the student, his or her guardian(s), and the principal.