About Me

  1. My long-term  goal this year was to work on classroom management, and help better serve my English Language Learners and my students with IEP's/ 504 plans.  I beleive that I will continue to work on these goals for the rest of my teaching career. I am pleased with how I adapted to my brand new situation this year. 
  2. Beyond this induction program, I hope to continue teaching math. My goal was to become a full time teacher at Kennedy, and the principal just told me that I will be full time next year. Next year I hope to continue working on my classroom management skills with the behavior focused teachers.
  3. I will continuously take classes and participate in professional development opportunities throughout my career to remain a connected educator. I also will continue to collaborate with my colleagues to provide the best instruction possible for my students.
  4. To sustain the energy it takes to be an educator I need to make sure to take time for myself and slow down a little bit. I have to remind myself to relax every once and a while, so that the kids can see me at my best, and get the best teacher I can be. Professionally, I need to continue to manage my time effectively especially since I am taking on two more classes next year.
  5. Find out who the people are in your school that will help you, IT people, office ladies, custodians, and be extra nice to them, they will always help you with anything. Also, make sure you don’t stay until nine o’clock every night, your work will be there the next day. Manage your time.