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Arrival Time For June 14
Hi Everybody:)  Please make sure to arrive no earlier than 2:15 for the Celebration of Learning tomorrow.  You will not be able to get into the gym until that time as we have classes in that space being taught up until 2:15.  Thank you so much for your understanding.

Celebration of Learning-June 14

The Celebration Of Learning will be taking place in the gym at 2:30 on Wednesday, June 14. At the Celebration each 5th grader will have their name announced, receive a certificate, and have some pictures of them displayed as they are getting their certificate. The staff of Emmons Lake will also be singing a short song mix to the 5th graders to encourage them as they go on to 6th grade. We would love to see you at this fun event that will be taking place in the Emmons Lake gymnasium. Please remind your child to wear their Class of 2024 t-shirt on the last day of school.


5th Grade Tunnel-June 14

At approximately 3:25 on Wednesday, June 14, the entire school will form a tunnel for the 5th graders to walk through. The tunnel will start at the very front of the school by the front office and go all the way to the back bus pickup area. Everybody will be cheering as our amazing students walk out of Emmons Lake for the last time as 5thgraders. We would love to have you participate in this great moment that we hope will become a great Emmons Lake memory.  We are asking all parents/loved ones to go outside the glass doors and find the cones that have been marked out for you to stand behind.  Thank you so much for your help with this.


5th Grade Balloon Release-June 14

At approximately 3:30 on Wednesday, June 14, the 5th graders will be taking part in a symbolic releasing of balloons! This makes for a great photo opportunity as well as creates a wonderful memory for the 5th graders. We would love for you to join us just outside the 5th grade pod immediately following the 5th Grade Tunnel for this awesome experience!

Social Studies Stuff

Thank you for an incredible year!  I hope all of you have a wonderful summer!  Please don't forget to check out our Social Studies Month In Review link for some cool videos from this year:)



The 5th graders have been working on a thank you card for some of their teachers.  They are using many of the skills that we have learned in grammar and writing this year to write a thoughtful letter.   


“The Skimmer Challenge”
We are wrapping up the year in science with an activity that involves both engineering and teamwork!!  Students are working in teams of two to create "skimmer ships".  These boats literally "skim" across a flat surface with the help of a fan.  Students are working to create a ship that can sustain speed and stability.  These variables will be put to the test at a variety of challenge stations.  It's been a phenomenal year in science thanks to this awesome group of fifth graders.


“Marshmallow Launchers”

We have covered and reviewed all of the math standards for the year!! It’s time to have some fun and put those concepts to good use. To do this, students will be designing “Marshmallow Launchers” and targets. The targets will represent the learning portion of this activity. All math concepts will be reviewed as students collaboratively work together in assessing point values for different aspects of their group target. These aspects include size and percentage. The launchers will be representing the fun.



“Talent Share”
      Students have wrapped up the writing portion of the talent share assignment.  Now students will actually share their talent with their class through a demonstration or video.  
We like to encourage our students to be humble and think of others first. However, during this activity students get a chance to shine and brag about themselves a little. Instead of having a talent “show” at the end of the year, we will be having a talent “share” in individual classrooms. Students will be composing a writing piece that will go along with their chosen talent. It’s a great way to “drop the mic” on an awesome year in writing.



If your child will be missing school due to family obligations, illness, or vacations they will be able to make up their work when they return to school. Please let the classroom teacher know the days that your child will be missing and we will organize all of their materials. We will not be giving students work prior to the absence due to changing schedules and lessons.

Thank you!

5th Grade Team

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